Finnish delicacies you must try!

Every country has their trademark specialties when it comes to food – and as travelers, we love experimenting with the platter of food every country has to offer! What else do we travel for, if not to explore these gastronomical delights? And when it comes to excellent, tongue-tickling food, Finland is quite in the race! Let’s take you through a few must-have delicacies which you have to taste when in Finland!

  1. Smoked salmon:
    Freshly picked from the seas, these tender salmons are smoked to perfection and are loaded with a lot of tasty ingredients that are sure to tickle your taste buds. So when in Finland, don’t dare to miss out on the smoked salmon, which is a favorite dish the Scandinavians boast of!
  2. Rye bread sandwich:
    This is one energy booster which the Finnish gorge on for breakfast. Rye Bread or ‘Ruisleipä’ is used to whip up the Finnish version of sandwiches. The perfectly baked rye bread is loaded with cheese slice on both sides, with a slice of ham in between the cheese! This is the humble rye bread sandwich, and if you are in a fancy mood sometimes, you can also add to it a couple of tomato slices and lettuce leaves to go too!Rye bread sandwich
  3. Pea Soup and Pancake:
    Known as ‘Hernekeitto ja Pannukakku‘ in Finland, this thick pea soup is the apt solution to all your hunger pangs, with the host of lip-smacking ingredients that go into it! And why have soup alone, when you can have a pancake which acts as a perfect sidekick to this show-stealing soup? The pancake comes with a layer of jam or whipped cream, and is just right for your traveler’s appetite!
  4. Meatballs with mashed potatoes and Lingonberry jam:
    Sounds appetizing, right? It is more than that – every single Finnish person swears by this dish, which is a riot of different tastes all merged to create this stunning dish! And more importantly, as a traveler, you need something that’s tasty, cheap, filling – all in one! So this one’s the perfect solution!
  5. Baked macaroni with minced meat:
    A filling, healthy food option found in Finland – Macaroni, full-fat milk with ample of minced meat! This is a student favorite in Finland as it is nutritious and quick to whip up! This is the perfect delicacy to have- especially if you’re on the move and looking for something to satiate your hunger for a longer time.

You know what food to look out for the next time you’re in Finland!

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