Finnish Customs and Traditions

Finland has its share of amusing customs and traditions too – and some of these will indeed manage to stun you! We’ve come up with a collection of these customs and traditions that are sure to help you taste the pie of the vibrant Finnish culture. And we I bet you didn’t know these earlier for sure!

  1. Eukonkanto:
    This is a favorite sport in Finland, where the men have to cross quite a lot of obstacles. Whoever reaches first is declared the winner. Now, this seems easy, right? How about crossing the same obstacles while carrying your wife on your back?! Well, that’s what the fun factor about Eukonkanto is! And moreover, this entertaining event has been taking place in Finland since the 19th century! Way to go, Finns!
  2. Finnish knowledge:
    Finns are very proud of their country, the fact that their Finns and also about the various achievements that the country has achieved from time to time. While they don’t really expect you to know much about their country, they will be overwhelmed if you know some of their history and recent achievements too. SO do brush up a little bit before you step into Finland – get that first impression bang on!
  3. Finns and their forest love:winter_snow
    Most of the customs and traditions in Finland are derived from nature and forests. And the Finns love nature so much that they are just on a lookout for a chance to escape the hectic city life and wander away into the forests! So on weekends, holidays or any other free time, you will surely find the Finns heading towards the cottages which are tucked away into the serenity of the forests!
  4. Wood everywhere:
    As mentioned above, the Finnish are very close to nature, and this is one reason why they love using wood as much as possible in their homes. So much so, Finnish saunas are entirely made up with wood. These wooden saunas have been carried down since ages together, and the Finnish still go about with their sauna routines just like their ancestors would have!

  5. New Years Eve:
    New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great pomp in Finland. There’s one particular tradition which the Finns follow on this day – they melt bits of horse-shoe shaped tin pieces and then throw them into cold water. The resulting shape is then interpreted as a sign of good luck in the year to come!

So there you go – amusing traditions and customs of Finland!

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