10 Fascinating facts about Finland!

Cant’ wait to bring these fascinating facts about Finland right away to you! Let’s get started!

  1. National Sleepy Head is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pomp in Finland! The last to wake up in the family or, ‘the sleepy head’ is thrown into a lake or the sea by the rest of the family! Sounds fun, eh?
  2. Finland also has Annual Day for Failure, where all kinds of failures, lousy news are celebrated! This day is celebrated so that people can learn from their failures and more importantly, to put across the message that there is nothing to be ashamed of failures! The Finns sure look forward to 13th of October every year!
  3. In the amusing ‘Wife-carrying obstacle race’ event, is attended by couples from all over the world! And guess what the winning couple gets? Beer equivalent to the weight of the wife! No wonder people throng this event!
  4. The Finnish passport is third best in the world; this means the Finns can travel wherever they want in the world without visas!
  5. Finland is the world’s happiest country. With so many fun events going on all around the year, I wonder who won’t be happy here?happiest country
  6. Committing a traffic offense in Finland can prove to be very expensive – depending on how much you earn though! This is because the fine tickets in Finland are calculated on the basis of a specific percentage of the income you have!
  7. Right to public access:
  8. Now, this clearly amplifies the love the Finns have for nature! The Finns have free access to all public property, which means they can roam, set camp, collect fruits and berries wherever they want to! All this is subject to one condition – you’re not allowed to litter these places at all.
  9. Finland beat Italy to earn the ‘Best Pizza in the World‘. The Finns came up with Pizza Berlusconi, which is prepared with the smoked meat of reindeers and is named after the Italian Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who on his visit to Finland criticized the use of ‘inferior’ smoked reindeer meat in Finnish cuisine!
  10. Finland has the world’s highest milk consumption in the world – amounting to around one liter per day per Finn! Now, this is a bit weird considering the fact that 17% of Finns are lactose intolerant!
  11. Finns are Tango crazy and have an entire annual event dedicated to Tango!


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