residency program

In Brief

695 Lorimer Street

In addition to its exhibition activities, the Finnish Cultural Institute has been running a residency program for Finnish artists, designers and architects in New York City since 1990.

The Institute maintains three apartments for artists-in-residence in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The stipendiaries for two of the apartments are chosen by a panel of experts in the fine art, design and architecture, through a highly competitive jurying process. During the past twenty years over six hundred Finnish artists have had the opportunity to work and live in New York through the Institute’s residency program. Applications for participation in the program are accepted annually in April. The duration of the residency period can vary from one to six months.

In 2012, the Institute launched a new residency program in collaboration with the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and the International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP. This program is specially tailored to meet the needs of Finnish painters, sculptors and photographers. It will allow the artists to stay in New York for a period of six months each. In addition to an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the program will provide them with a studio space at the ISCP nearby.


residency program