Selina Anttinen


Selina Anttinen runs her own Helsinki-based architectural office, Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd. (AOA), which she founded together with her husband, Vesa Oiva, in 2006 after having won a couple of design competitions. AOA works with both building design and urban planning. According to Anttinen and Oiva, the objective for AOA is to create unique and sustainable environments.

Anttinen stayed in New York for the month of March, 2012. During the residency period, she continued her field research on urban dwelling. She wanted to find out how the megatrends of living turn out globally, and what are the local variables and factors behind what constitutes urban living. Anttinen is interested in the unconventional forms of habitation that have developed spontaneously, and the ways in which those forms are blending with the other uses of the built environment. During her stay, Anttinen wanted to learn about the origins of dwelling in New York, the changes that have happened over the course of years, and the effects different eras have had on the development of certain neighborhoods. She believes that the history and the physical structure of New York together with the fact that the city is still constantly evolving, offer great starting points for her. She carried out her research work on both general level and by selecting specific cases. Her field research in New York City forms a part of a more comprehensive study on the different cultures of habitation begun in Japan in 2009.