Q & A

Most Common Questions

1. Why is the Institute focused on arts, design and architecture?

The focus areas are linked to the history of the Institute. The Institute was founded in 1990 by three Finnish artists’ associations: STS (The Artists’ Association of Finland), SAFA (Finnish Association of Architects) and ORNAMO (The Finnish Association of Designers).

2. Is the Institute similar to all the other cultural and academic institutes of Finland?

Due to the history, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York differs from the other cultural institutes of Finland. As a special characteristic compared to the other institutes, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York focuses on visual arts and has an intensive role as a producer and curator.

3. What organization focuses on other fields of culture in New York and elsewhere in North America?

The Consulates and Embassies of Finland in North America are involved in all the areas of arts and culture.

4. Where do you obtain funding for your operations?

The Finnish Cultural Institute is supported by an annual endowment from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and by various corporate and private sponsors and grants.

5. How do you decide the exhibitions and artists involved in these?

The aim is to have architecture, design and visual arts presented evenly. To ensure equality, the Institute hires a curator for each exhibition or exhibition tour. The curator makes choices regarding the artists involved.

6. What exhibitions are you working with at the moment?

We are currently involved in the following exhibitions: - Bodies, Borders, Crossings is an exhibition of contemporary Finnish photography and video art to be organized in 2011–2013. - The exhibition Newly Drawn – Emerging Finnish Architects introduces the most interesting young, upcoming Finnish architects, their latest projects, visions and ways of working. - In addition, there will be another event in May 2011 that will present new Finnish design.

7. What kind of lectures and publications do you organize?

The Institute published material related to all the exhibitions and other events that it is involved in.

8. What is the application procedure for the residences? Who could be selected?

An expert panel nominated by the Board of Directors makes decisions regarding the artist-in-residence program. The panel consists of experts in the field of visual arts. The application deadline is annually in April.

9. What should I do if I liked to do an internship or traineeship at your institute?

The Institute offers regularly opportunities for promising students to work as interns. First of all, the Institute cooperates with CIMO (Center for International Mobility). The applications regarding internships and traineeships should be sent to CIMO according the application guideline provided at their website. In addition to this cooperation, the Institute also has some bilateral agreements with certain vocational schools.