Streaming Museum’s exhibition project Nordic Outbreak consists of over thirty moving image artworks that will be viewed as large projections on screens in public spaces, on the museum’s website, and at partnering arts, cultural and architectural centers. The exhibition launches in New York City and will travel throughout the Nordic region and internationally.

Architect Pia Kilpinen works for the City of Helsinki, at the City Planning Department. She graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology and has worked in architectural offices both in Finland and abroad.

Kilpinen was part of the development team of Baana, a pathway that provides pedestrians and cyclists with about a mile long connector through the city centre, offering a safe bicycle route to many points in the city of Helsinki. Located on old railway tracks, it is sometimes called the Low Line as opposed to New York City’s High Line.

The international multidisciplinary conference aims to uncover the criteria of simplicity in mathematics by taking perspectives from art and architecture, the philosophy and history of mathematics, and current mathematical practice. Each day of the conference will feature talks, roundtable discussions and film screenings.

Instituutin ylläpitämät kaksi residenssiä sijaitsevat Williamsburgissa, Brooklynissä. Residenssijaksot ovat pituudeltaan 1-6 kuukautta, ja niitä voivat hakea SAFA:n, Ornamon ja STS:n jäsenet. Hakuaika umpeutuu 29.4. klo 16.00.

The Armory Show is celebrating its fifteenth year on March 7–10 and paying homage to the 100th anniversary of its namesake, the legendary 1913 Amory Show International Exhibition of Modern Art. The Armory takes place on Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan. Two Finnish galleries, Galerie Anhava and Galerie Forsblom, are taking part in the Contemporary section of the show at Pier 94.

Interior designer Katriina Lankinen is interested in the visual approach on urban events. She is specialized in creating interiors for office spaces as well as producing visual displays for touring pop up events. Lankinen has graduated from the Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture and completed her degree by researching the High Line development project in New York.

Architect Jussi Palva is a partner in and co-founder of the Helsinki-based architectural studio Verstas architects (verstas meaning workshop in Finnish). The studio operates on the whole scope of architectural work from urban design to the finest detail, aiming to further develop the built environment. Verstas’s recent projects include the Saunalahti School and Kirkkojärvi School, both located in Espoo. Verstas has won several architecture competitions, of which the most recent is the Hirvensalo School Competition in 2012.

To celebrate the annual Kalevala Day, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York presents a screening of contemporary artworks in relation to mythical folklore. The selection of artworks includes photography, painting, and illustration from Sirpa Alalääkkölä, Markku Laakso, Jouko Lehtola, Kalervo Palsa, Janine Rewell, Stiina Saaristo, Kari Soinio, Risto Suomi, Tapio Tapiovaara, Santeri Tuori, and Matti Waskilampi.

Mika Taanila was one of our artists-in-residence in April 2012. During the residency period, he worked on a short film about ultramarathon running. The outcome of the residency period, the short film Six Day Run, is now competing in the main program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). It premiered at the festival January 24, 2013.

Maiju Salmenkivi paints large-scale 21st century landscapes with strong colors and fantastic subjects. Recently, she has broadened the concept of landscape to touch upon global themes such as weather phenomena and natural disasters that affect the whole world. Salmenkivi’s work studies urban landscapes and places that are vanishing, turning into something else; she is especially interested in unfinished and unbuilt areas of land in the city. Salmenkivi works with acrylic and oil paint on canvas and MDF.


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