The survey Art Across Borders charts the visual arts work of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes during 2000-2012, and the impact of this work. The information was collected with a questionnaire from the institutes and the artists who had participated in the visual arts projects.

Visual artist Anne Siirtola combines installation, moving image and sound in her work in order to explore interaction and encounters between people. The foundation of her work lies in the communal. Traces of change and dissolution, that can be identified in both the human mind and in the physical material, are visible in Siirtola’s work. Her materials are often also reused, second-hand or something that has been thrown away. Siirtola documents her own life and the life of others by asking what is worthy and important in life.

Juha Mäki-Jussila examines and reflects upon human behavior through short film, video and installation. In his most recent works the artist has applied stop motion technique in order to create ‘movement of illusion’ rather than illusion of movement. Mäki-Jussila graduated from the Time and Space Art program at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 1997. He lives and works in Karkkila, Finland.

The Institute’s exhibition Bodies, Borders, Crossings will open at Pori Art Museum, Finland, on the 27th of September. Bodies, Borders, Crossings explores the meaning of borders in the globalised world. The exhibition both illuminates and challenges borders, whether geographic, national or corporeal. Working with photography and video, the featured artists reassess apparently self-evident norms and examine the mechanisms of social control.

Architect Katariina Sewón explores the new architecture and art museums of New York using photography and watercolor. Focusing on the atmosphere of the city’s urban spaces she documents immediate perceptions that will later be used as a foundation to an upcoming exhibition.

Timo Kelaranta is best known for his abstract photographs that emphasize form and minimalism and lack narrative. He seeks to present the role of emptiness in his works by fading away points of identification and scale typical to photography. Kelaranta graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1975.

Some two years ago the artist duo Nutty Tarts decided to team up with the artist Heidi Lunabba in order to study and discuss the interconnections of clothing and identity. As a result they started photographing people and interviewing them about their personal style.

Through their Dresscode project the artists want to address questions such as: How does one’s habitat affect the way she dresses up? How does one define her personal style?

Marjo Levlin received her MA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. Levlin tells that the starting point of her work is often collected or found objects that work either as material of her pieces or as mere inspiration for her creative process. The matter of chance has been her tool lately, which she states has resulted into surprising new worlds in her artistic work.

Tomi Friman is the co-founder, designer and art director of CTRL Clothing, a brand that fuses urban street wear and contemporary fashion. Over the years CTRL has created a fresh and distinctive style with a touch of something unexpected for each of their collections.

Friman studied at the Helsinki College of Art and Media and the Trade school of Helsinki, and was awarded as the Finnish Fashion Designer of the Year in 2012. He hopes to act as a trailblazer for aspiring designers that seek to find markets in New York.

Helsinki-based photographer Niko Luoma harvests light and time. Through a calculated, analogue technique of exposing a single negative to lines of light hundreds or even thousands of times, the finished works reflect the system by which they were created. In his work he repeatedly tries to find new ways to challenge the photographic process, that is, to avoid known solutions. His work focuses on energy rather than on matter, and he finds inspiration in mathematics, geometry, symmetry and chaos that are found in nature.


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