Creative entrepreneur and brand professional Liisa Puolakka is allergic to the brand jargon. Her professional goal is to find a unique point of view on all her undertakings, which, as of late, have formed an admittedly diverse set of endeavors.

Instituutin ylläpitämät kaksi residenssiä sijaitsevat Williamsburgissa, Brooklynissä. Residenssijaksot ovat pituudeltaan yksi tai kaksi kuukautta, ja niitä voivat hakea SAFA:n, Ornamon ja STS:n jäsenet. Hakuaika umpeutuu 24.4. klo 16.00.

Vuonna 2015 instituutin tapahtumien teema on kaupunkiluonto (urban nature). Kannustamme kaikkia teeman parissa työskenteleviä tekijöitä hakemaan residensseihin, joskaan teema ei toimi valintakriteerinä.

Boshko Boskovic, the Program Director of Residency Unlimited, is the first New York based fellow to participate in MOBIUS program organized by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and the Finnish Institute in London.

Visual artist Hannele Rantala’s work is no stranger to strangeness. Many of her works deal with themes such as migration, homelessness, change and otherness, which intertwine with questions of longing and belonging.

Visual artist Caroline Slotte has a gift of blowing new life into found, familiar objects. For over a decade, she has worked with ready-made, mainly ceramic objects.

Slotte’s foundation for the series Landscape Multiple is familiar to many of us. She creates a series of compelling dioramas by manipulating old illustrated china plates, variations of which are familiar to many of us from family suppers. She piles the plates on top of each other and carves through the images, crafting a multi-layered visual narrative of her own.

MOBIUS – a fellowship program for Visual arts, Museum and Archive Professionals – is looking for motivated Finnish professionals to work as a part of the hosting organizations’ staff in New York for several months during fall/winter 2014 or spring 2015.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York is proud to present MOBIUS – a fellowship program for visual arts, museum and archive professionals. MOBIUS is a three-year pilot program organized by the Finnish Institute in London and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York. The program enables transatlantic mobility and collaborative practices and supports long-lasting professional relationships. In New York the focus is on visual arts (art, design and architecture) and in United Kingdom and Ireland on museums and archives.

Visual artist Hanna Kanto is fascinated by Lapland: its rough nature, isolation, the Sámi culture and of course, reindeer herding. After graduation she moved up North for seasonal work, where she was introduced to the local livelihood. This meant working with the reindeer herders, participating in all aspects of the trade including skinning and the separation of reindeer for slaughter.

Jarno Vesala’s Young Artist of the Year 2013 exhibition consisted of installations, human-like sculptures combined with sound and video that conveyed horror and anxiety. The yearly award aims to present young talented Finnish artists by the means of a grant and the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum in Finland.

Samu-Jussi Koski is the designer and executive director of Samuji, the Helsinki-based fashion design house and creative studio, which focuses on design and consulting based on the idea of sustainable design and lasting quality.


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