Culture of Finland

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Finnish culture

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Finnish literature is known worldwide, and it has also been translated into many languages globally.

Culinary Arts

The Finnish style of cooking, presentation of food is simply brilliant.

Musical Acts

The Finnish musical acts are very steeped in their tradition and folklore they are a window for the foreigners into their customs and tradition.


The Finnish sculptures depict the life of a common man and their culture with great skill.

Traditional Clothing

The Finnish clothing was designed in such a way that it can adapt well to both the summer and the extreme winter and the fabrics they use are very brilliant.

Cultural Celebrations

This one of the must-see sites for all the tourists and travelers this is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Cultural & Religious Festivals

This is one of the best times for anybody to have a look into the beauty and culture of the land and also get a taste of the cuisine of the time.

New Year’s Eve

It is a Finnish custom to herald the start of a new year with a celebration; it is a day where the fun is not held back.

Midsummer’s Eve

This is Finnish custom to celebrate the summer solstices; it is one of the very interesting time of the year.

Walpurgis Night

It’s a festival to commemorate St. Walburga, it one of the religious festivals.

Sami Culture

The Earliest history of Finland

This is a nomadic tribe of people who are natives to parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia and they mostly are in the mountainous areas and they the only people in the world that are allowed reindeer herding.

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This is will be the best opportunity for you to get o know about the happiest country in the world, and also what makes them the happiest nation in the world and also to get a taste of the Finnish culture and cuisine